Chris McNamara
Trip Reports

Yosemite Climbing, El Capitan
   - Girdle Traverse
   - Horse Chute - first 1 day ascent
   - Mescalito w/ Tommy Caldwell
   - Never Never Land with Ammon McNeely (1st one day ascent)
   - North America Wall (first hammerless ascent)
   - The Nose in November
   - The Nose in November, again
   - The Nose in January
   - The Nose and Freerider Free-in-a-Day w/ Tommy Caldwell
   - The Shield - speed record
   - Triple Direct - speed record
   - Zenyatta Mondatta - my first hard aid lead

Yosemite Climbing, Other
   - Gold Wall
   - Mt. Watkins, South Face w/ Tommy Caldwell

Zion Climbing  
   - Cosmic Egg
   - Cosmic Trauma
   - Desert Shield
   - Disco Inferno
   - Drop Zone + 2nd Ascent by Ryan Frost
   - Rodeo Queen
- Swoop Gimp

Other Climbing
   - Brazil Bouldering
   - Grand Canyon
   - High Sierra Slide Show - low res
   - Keeler Needle, High Sierra
   - Lake Tahoe Bouldering Movies
   - Seven Gables, High Sierra
   - The Titan, Fisher Towers - rebolting project

   - BASE jumping The Titan
   - Flying Over Lake Tahoe and Yosemite in a Fighter Jet
   - First snowboard BASE jump off Lover’s Leap
   - Hot Air Balloon Delivery to Twin Falls
   - Home Solar Panels: How and why we installed solar